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The tradition of trust and knowledge is that the one testimony that we tend to square measure transferral to you. expertise the distinction by yourself.

About Us

Since 1987

If you are looking for a high-end Candid wedding photography in Kerala, you are in luck. With over three decades of experience, Fotovision digital studio is the best professional choice available for you. Standing tall in the cultural capital of Kerala, Fotovision digital studio is a high profile wedding photography service provider.

No matter what your need is, we are here for you. Kerala is a cultural mixture of different religions. Only an experienced professional firm like us can understand the norms and procedures of each wedding. Capture the candid moments of Hindu Wedding Highlights, and keep it safe with you forever.

The history of Candid Photography in Kerala is very short. We are not familiar with the essence and beauty of candid moments. We used to align our friends and family and made them pose for photos. Indeed, these moments had their own vibrance in the old days, but the innocence has now gone. Today, if we pose for a snap, it will be artificial and soulless. Even in the arena of Wedding Videography in Thrissur and Kerala, our studio has an impeccable reputation. The glory of unplanned moments is a treat for eyes. A tear drop from the eye of bride, mixed with joy of love and sadness of separation from the family can never be expressed in words. Those moments will never come back to our grasps. Us, being the Best Wedding photographers in Thrissur, can collect the droplets of emotions and preserve them for you.

Trissur is a city of secular solidarity. It is becoming the new hub of Muslim wedding photography in Kerala. Traditionally, Muslim weddings are a celebration of art, folk songs, music, and dance. Kerala is one of the first places in India, to be inhabited and nourished by Islam. Due to this peculiar sync of tradition, Kerala Muslim wedding photography is a challenge to even the most talented professionals. Fotovision Digital Studio is the best choice to get the service of Top Professional Photographers in Thrissur.

On the other hand, Christians in Kerala as well as all over the world believes in a wedding arranged in heaven by angels. This traditional philosophy is evident from their big bright white wedding gowns and wows. Kerala Christian Wedding Photography is already in a well developed stage. With well over three decades of experience, we also played a huge role in this technological evolution. Now, new trends are coming to Kerala, like themed weddings and outdoor weddings. Outdoor wedding require great technical knowledge, along with a sense of creativity. We are currently one of the best Outdoor wedding photography firm in thrissur. Let it be pre-wedding photography, or post wedding photography, we are here to capture your candid moments of love. The tradition of trust and experience is the one testimony that we are bringing to you. Experience the difference by yourself.